About High Impact!

Since 2007,   HIGH IMPACT  has delivered B2B and B2C event production and exhibitor services that unleash the power of face-to-face marketing for businesses, non-profits, community organizations, professional/trade associations, government, and educational institutions.

High Impact is not selling products and offering advice on the side.  I am an event professional  dedicated solely to fulfilling the needs of event production and exhibitor clients by achieving only client defined objectives and representing the client’s best interests.  We are not influenced by product sales goals, commissions or bonuses.

Our services include:

  • Production services for B2C and B2B expos, community events and conferences.
  • Support services for exhibitors and vendors participating at national or local trade shows, conferences  and community events.
  • Custom designed  and turnkey”Signature Events” to meet client needs.
  • Consulting on topics related to event production and maximizing the return on exhibiting opportunities.
  • Workshops, Classes and Coaching for event organizers, exhibitors and vendors.
  • 20 to 45 minute speaker presentations on exhibiting and event production are available at no cost to businesses, governmental agencies, professional groups, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations seeking guest speakers. 

All High Impact services may be scaled to meet the needs and budget of any organization.  Services are performed to minimize the impact on the client’s financial and human resources.

How may I help you?

  • Supplement existing staff, pre-show, on-site or post-show, to maintain the focus on achieving exhibiting objectives while minimizing exhibiting’s impact on resources and important day-to-day activities.  Your staff is not distracted by a “side-job” in which they have little or no experience, expertise or interest.  I focus exclusively on achieving your event or exhibiting objectives.  You also avoid the direct and indirect costs of inexperience, including overtime, staff fatigue, missed revenue generating and customer support opportunities.
  • Fill-in during staff absences or position vacancies, to keep events on track and avoid over loading other staff members.
  • Booth Duty.  I engage and prequalify attendees and introduce them to you or your expert staff for further action.
  • Take care of logistics.  For local events, I pick-up, transport and set up your display.  At shows end, I dismantle, carefully pack, load, transport and stow your display as required.  For national events, shipping dispatching is available
  • My customized workshops, classes and on-the-job coaching are available for in-house training of client staff members who have been assigned event and exhibiting responsibilities.

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