High Impact Offers Free Seminar

Now is the best time to begin preparations for the 2019 tradeshow and community event schedule.  Gary Buterbaugh, owner of High Impact Event Resources, LLC,  is offering a free mini-seminar entitled Small Budget Exhibiting/Vending at  Tradeshows and Community Events.  This FREE no-nonsense, money saving, public mini-seminar is open to all businesses, non-profits, and government entities who are current or prospective exhibitors/vendors at tradeshows and community events.

Gary believes successful exhibiting is a Dollars and Sense Proposition: More sense = fewer dollars!  In less than 60 minutes, Gary will share money-saving and business generating exhibiting strategies and practices, as well as his unique perspectives, acquired during more than 40 years in the exhibiting industry as an exhibitor, exhibit manager, exhibit marketing products business owner, event producer and event marketing educator. Attendees will learn:

  • 10 common money-wasting exhibitor mistakes
  • To find cost effective exhibiting opportunities
  • The art and science of engaging attendees
  • To lower the cost of attracting, collecting and managing quality leads
  • To create a low cost, high impact exhibit
  • To have a presence, without being present

The totally free seminar is Thursday, January 24th, 10:15 to 11:15 AM, in the Board Room at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce at 225 S. Meldrum St. in downtown Fort Collins.

The Next Meet N Speak Luncheon is January 30, 2019

Is it important for you to get your products, services and message in front of 40 NoCO business and non-profits?

The Next Meet N Speak Luncheon is Wednesday, January 30th, at the Hilton Garden Inn Ft. Collins, from 11:30 to about 1:15. It is co-sponsored by The Hilton Garden Inn Ft. Collins.  Thanks to suggestions from previous attendees, many new features are being added to improved your experience and delivery additional marketing opportunities.

This unique event is open to all businesses and non-profits.  Each participant will get 45 seconds to deliver a presentation on any topic.  Some speakers delivered information in a very straight forward manner, however others chose to be creative and compete for a Best Presentation Prize.   The choice is yours.  We had comedy, singing, skits, raps and poetry.   The bottom line: every presentation was listened to intently by the audience.

High visibility sponsor opportunities are still available.  If you are interested in a high visibility  sponsor options,please call me ASAP so I can add you to all promotional materials immediately.

Click here for more information and a reservation form. Feel free to invite any business or non-profit who would benefit from this unique event.

Click here to see who is participating in the January Meet N Speak Luncheon.

Buterbaugh joins WiM Board of Directors

Gary Buterbaugh, owner of Loveland-based High Impact Event Resources, was selected as Director of Events and Programs for the Colorado chapter of Women in Manufacturing®.   WiM is a national association dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry.  WiM encompasses manufacturers of all types and welcomes individuals from every job function – from the shop floor to the C-Suite.  High Impact Event Resources provides event production services and exhibitor support services to businesses and organizations attending national and local events.  For more information, contact Gary at (970)624-0451.

High Impact offers 2-hour Exhibitor Tune-up for $89

The 2-Hour Exhibitor Tune-up offer gives first time exhibitors and experienced exhibitors who are not satisfied with previous results instant access to the expert knowledge of strategies, techniques and best practices I acquired over 40 years as an exhibitor, exhibit manager, owner of a trade products and services company and exhibiting event producer.

For only $89, I will meet with you for up to 2 hours to review, discuss and offer solutions relating to exhibiting, including:

  • Exhibiting objectives, strategies
  • Show registration
  • Exhibiting design, layout
  • Pre-show, show time and post-show activities
  • Attendee engagement
  • Follow-up
  • Money saving ideas
  • Get more from every exhibiting opportunity
  • Q & A – all exhibiting question answered

Call or email me to today for an appointment tomorrow in your office or at a location convenient to you.

The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting©

The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting© at Tradeshows, Conferences and Community Events:

  • If your target audience is attending and you don’t have a presence, you are not a choice – for attendees and participants.  If you’re not exhibiting and your competitor is, guess whose customers and prospects your competitor is talking to.  If you are exhibiting and your competitor is not, guess whose customers and prospects you are talking to.
  • You will make an impression – good or bad is your choice.
  • Planning improves your chances of succeeding. Failure to plan diminishes your chances of succeeding.
  • The exhibit is a tool, engagement is a strategy, influencing behavior is the objective.
  • What the exhibit viewer sees, and perceives, is  reality.
  • The Exhibit staff is the most important element of any exhibit.  In seconds,  the actions, or in-actions,  of a staff member can render worthless an exhibit and related materials that took hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to create.

NOT TO WORRY – the exhibitor support services, workshops and in-house staff training  offered by High Impact Event Resources addresses these truths and other realities, as well the scores of factors and tasks associated with exhibiting at tradeshows, conferences and community events.  For more information, select the  Exhibitor Services menu choice or contact Gary Buterbaugh.

©Coyright 2017 High Impact Event Resources LLC

Community Events: The Fast Lane to More Business

By Gary Buterbaugh

Wouldn’t it be great to have hundreds of potential customers visit your store or office in just one day?  Impossible?  Not really!  That’s what happens when you exhibit at a community event – your exhibit space is your “store” or “office” in the eyes of the attendees and other participants.


Every year, hundreds, often thousands, of residents and visitors attend local community events such as festivals, fairs and expos.  Businesses and organizations who participate as a sponsor, exhibitor, vendor, speaker or advertiser are sure to experience the obvious benefits of goodwill in the community and the warm-and-fuzzies of supporting the community and, often, a worthy cause.   As the TV announcer says: “But wait, there’s more!”.

More Benefits

Events present an accelerated, concentrated marketing opportunity where participating businesses and organizations show their brand, message, products and services, then make powerful face-to-face contact with a large number of attendees, and with other participants, in just a few hours or a couple of days.  Businesses find new prospects to convert into new customers and strengthen the bond with existing customers.   Organizations attract new clients, donors, underwriters and volunteers.

Even More Benefits

During my many years participating in and producing community events, I have seen participants conduct competitive research, test new products, recruit employees, find a new supplier and build alliances with other participants.

Unable to be Present?

An event’s date or location doesn’t work for you?  No worries! Sponsoring and advertising options will give you a presence without the need to be present. Typically, sponsors and advertisers have the option, not the requirement, to be present during an event.  In the months before, during and after the event sponsors benefit from being seen by the public, prominently and frequently, in the event’s advertising, press coverage and during visits to the event website.  Advertisers will be visible in the many creative advertising options that may be available at the event, in event marketing vehicles, in event publications and on the event website.

Long-term Benefits

It’s not just about the day of the event.  In the weeks and months before, during and after an event, a well-publicized event with a good multi-media promotion strategy, and a website, exposes the brands and messages of the participants to the public who see the event’s advertising, read articles about the event and visit the event’s website.

The Cost

The benefits describe, and possibly more, will cost just a few hundred dollars, or less, if you are an exhibitor, vendor, advertiser and speaker, or a few thousand dollars if you are a sponsor.  How many other comparably priced marketing options will deliver hundreds of interested visitors to your office or store, face-to-face, in just one or two days?  Sponsors, may also experience months of promotional exposure, before, during and after the event.

The Bottom Line

If your competitor is participating in an event and you are not, guess who is being seen by and talking to your customers and prospects.  Or, if you are participating and your competitor is not, guess whose customers and prospects see you and are talking to you.

Best Practices

There are many ways to be sure you maximize the return on your event investment, however these five best practices are a good start:

  1. Pick events that attract your targeted demographics or attracts attendees with characteristics like your best customers.
  2. Pick events that offer a variety of marketing options, allowing you to make multiple impressions, and use as many options as you can afford. Some may be free or very low cost.
  3. Register early to get the best pricing, the best options and the most exposure
  4. If you are an exhibitor or vendor, prepare your staff to represent your brand, fearlessly engage attendees and deliver your message. Then, rehearse before the event.
  5. Be sure your ads and graphics will deliver your brand and message in three seconds. Keep them simple, bold, visually attractive and easily understandable.

Every day we are bombarded with messages from many sources.  Using a variety of delivery channels gives your brand and message a better chance of being seen, making an impression and being remembered.  Many believe that the most memorable contacts are made during   face-to-face contact, like at a community event. Community events should be an element in every annual marketing mix, right alongside of print, broadcast, digital direct and social media.

To understand how your business or organization could benefit from community events, maximize the return on your event investment and get your event participation questions answered, contact Gary Buterbaugh for a free one hour initial session.  For more information about our event planner and exhibitor workshops, visit highimpacteventresources.com.