Meet N Speak© – May Event Details

Meet N Speak© Luncheon
Wednesday, May 22
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Presented by (Your Name Here)
Co-sponsored by (Your Name Here)
Hosted by The Still Whiskey Steaks

151 North College, Fort Collins

Attendee Admission: $20.00 with online reservation,  $30 at the door, if space is available

Complete the  Reservation Form today to be sure you have a seat!

Each Meet N Speak© attendee receives:
  • Choose from 8 lunch selections, including salads and vegan.
  • The option of delivering one 45 second presentation per organization.
  • The option of competing for The Best Presentation Prize, valued at $50 or more.
  • Placement of materials on the literature tables.
  • Business card deck pass around. Bring 40 cards wrapped with a rubber band.
  • Listing on the event web page with a link to your website.
  • The option of donating a Best Presentation or Business Card Drawing prize for additional visibility, including a listing on the prize donor board and the option of presenting the prize to the winner in front of the audience.
    Attendee Marketing Options
    • Banner Stand Placement ($50)  – Organizations may purchase the right to place a banner stand or flag stand in the room.
    • Literature Distribution to Dining Tables ($50) – Organizations not sponsoring may purchase the right to place one piece of literature, or multiple pieces securely bound  or packaged, on all dining table place settings.
    • Prize Donations (No Fee) – Best Presentation Prize ($50 Value)  and Business Card Drawing Prize ($20 Value) – Listing on Prize Donors PowerPoint Slide and each donor may present the prize they donate.
Sponsor  Opportunities:


The Drill:
  • Doors open at 11:30 AM.  All attendees must stop  at the check-in table to:

    • Attendees present their deck of 50 business cards.  One card will be entered in the Business Card Drawing .
    • Presenters draw a Presentation Number (one per organization). Presenters are not required to compete for a prize and should tell the check-in person if they do not wish to compete
    • Attendees register their prize donations
  • Attendees pass through the buffet line, find a seat and network.
  • Doors close at 12:15  and the event begins. Our goal is to be completely finished by 1:15.
  • After presentations, the business card decks are passed around for attendees to take cards as they wish.
  • We will begin with Presentation #1, who will stand up, show their Presentation Number Card to the judges. Each presenter or group of presenters will begin a 45 second presentation on any topic they hoose when the time keeper rings the bell.  The timekeeper will ring the bell twice at 25 seconds and the bell will be rang three times when 45 seconds are up.  The presentation stops then, even in mid-sentence and the presenter(s) sit down.  Each judge will privately and independently score each of three questions. 
  •  Presenters will rise in Presentation Number order and repeat the process around the room, following this format, until all presenters have performed.  The judges and time keeper will be the last presenters, however they are not eligible for the Best Presentation Prize.  While they are presenting, the scores will be tabulated.
  • The best attendee presentation, as judged by a volunteer jury of 3, will be awarded a Best Presentation Prize, valued at $50 or more, plus one admission to the next Meet N Speak Event©.  Winners must be present to receive a prize,  presented by the prize donor.    Any attendee may donate a Best Presentation Prize, valued over $50.
  • The testimonial segment will give attendees the opportunity to endorse an attending organization.
  • The event will conclude with a Business Card Drawing.  Winners must be present to receive a prize,  presented by the prize donor.  Any attendee may donate a Business Card Drawing Prize, valued over $25.
  • It is disrespectful for attendees to leave before all attendees speak.

Complete the  Reservation Form today to be sure you have a seat!