Event Skills Development

In just a few hours I share meaningful real-world knowledge I’ve gained in over 40 years as an exhibitor, exhibit manager, owner of a trade show products company, a producer of exhibition events, the owner of an exhibitor support company and an educator.  The result is a totally unique and comprehensive approach to event production and trade show and community event exhibiting not covered by any other workshop or training session, on-line or in-person.

Session attendees learn nuances, strategies, techniques and best practices of event production or exhibiting necessary to confidently and efficiently achieve the organizations event objectives.  Organizations avoid the waste of resources, costly mistakes and disappointing results that are inevitable during on-the-job learning.  The following presentations and workshops are designed to develop the knowledge and skills important to individuals who wish to be event planners/producers or who have been assigned event production or exhibit/selling (vending) responsibilities at trade shows and community events.

45 Minute Speaking Presentations

These two crisp, entertaining and informative guest-speaker sessions are available at no cost to businesses, government agencies, professional groups, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.  Custom designed presentations are available.

Exhibiting/Vending 101 – The  Introductory Session:  The audience will be introduced to The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting© and the 6 Ps of Successful Exhibiting©.   This presentation may be tailored for audiences interested in trade shows or community events.

Event Planning and Production 101  – Introductory SessionThe audience will be introduced to the 5 Stages and 18 Task Categories that all indoor and outdoor events, from the smallest to the largest,  have in common. 

Workshops (2.5 hours)

The following time-efficient,  but highly informative workshops are designed to teach the basics to staff members of businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.    Public workshops will be periodically scheduled and announced.  Private workshops that focus on the needs of a specific organization are available.

Exhibit/Vendor 102 – Workshop:   Workshop attendees will learn the keys successful at exhibiting and vending at trade shows, conferences and community events.  Topics include a deeper dive into The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting©  and 6 Ps of Successful Exhibiting©,  how to maximize each exhibiting/vending opportunity, the basics of exhibitor marketing before, during and after the event, the art and science of engaging attendees, and the practical tools of the trade.

Event Planning and Production 102 – Workshop:   The attendees will dive deeper into 5 Stages and 18 Task Categories of event planning and production, as well as focus on the most important  responsibilities of a planner/producer.

Master Class (15 hours)

The Master Classes are an intense and content rich sessions available to businesses,  governmental agencies, and non-profits who want to be sure staff members have the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully manage an exhibit or coordinate (produce)  an event.    These sessions may be scheduled over multiple days or weeks.  Great for beginners or for those who have a little experience but would like to improve. Public Master Classes will be periodically scheduled and announced.  Private Master Classes that focus on the needs of a specific organization are available.

Exhibitor Master Class:   Attendees will learn exhibiting opportunity selection, objective and strategy development,  attendee engagement, exhibit planning,  exhibit management, promotion, including pre-show, on-site and post show tasks.   Attendees also learn the tools of the trade,  15 Best Practices of Successful Exhibitors, the art and science of attendee engagement and practical resource saving techniques.

Event Planning and Production Master Class:    This class covers all planning and production topics in detail, including each of the 5 stages, all 18 Task Categories,  planner/producer job descriptions and responsibilities, tools of the trade, best practices, planner/producer as a leader, and the characteristics of a good professional planner/producer.

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