Event Production Services

Production Support Services

Of course,  clients have options:

Option 1 is to ask, or assign, someone in the office the additional duty of organizing the event.  But,  can you really afford to trust an important event  to an inexperienced or slightly experience staff member?  Can your really afford the costly, sometimes embarrassing, and usually time wasting errors of on-the-job learning?   Can you really afford the impact this event may have on propsects, clients, staff members and management?

Option 2 is to take advantage of 27 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in event production  to be sure the event is of high quality and achieves objectives.  A bonus – the client’s staff is able to stay focused on what they should be doing ,  the jobs for which they are trained and to attend to customers.  ( Read more about the owner’s event production experience)

High Impact offers production services for B2B and B2C community, regional and national (U.S.) events, such as:

  • Community expos
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Symposiums
  • Signature Events
  • Product Showcases
  • Product Road Shows
  • Special Meetings
Support Service Levels

HIGH IMPACT provides scale-able levels of product support.  Clients can choose a level of support service that best fit your needs and budget:

  • Scaled Performance Services – the performance of  all tasks associated with an event, or just the tasks the client specifies.
  • Scaled Event Management Services – the managing of client staff performing all tasks associated with an event, or manage staff performing certain tasks as specified.
Consulting Services

Why suffer the waste of staff and financial resources that may result the use of  planners with little or no experience?  Why re-invent the wheel?    Take advantage of all the experience and accumulated knowledge that we are more than willing to share with management and staff, with a focus on the client’s specific needs.

Training Services

In addition to supervised on-the-job training and coaching,  for one person or a group, High Impact offers public and private workshops to train client staff.  (Read More  on Workshop and Classes)

Festival 1 Home and Garden Show plus Emergency Expo 2012. Photo: GabieCardenas Home and Garden Show plus Emergency Expo 2012. Photo: GabieCardenas
A word about Signature Events

A Signature Event is an event that becomes specifically associated with your brand and organization, often for many years.  The event may be an event raising funds for a specific non-profit.  For example:  a maternity and baby show to raise funds for a hospital’s Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.  A Signature Event may be a for-profit event to achieve the marketing  or revenue objectives of a company or organization.  Another example: a radio station’s  home and garden show, to add a new revenue stream  and cross-sell advertising time to event participants .

High impact will develop customize Signature Events to meet your specific needs.   We  also have events we’ve produced in the past that are packaged and available to become your Signature Event:

  • (Your Name)  Maternity and Baby Show : Health screenings, education, products and services for women 19 to 35, mothers, and growing families.
  • (Your Name) Golden Years Expo and Senior Health Fair©: Health screenings, education, products and services for seniors, future seniors and caregivers.
  •  (Your Name) Choices in Education Expo: Local education choices covering the education spectrum from early childhood development through adult life long learning
  •  (Your Name) Home For the Holidays – Home remodeling, Decorating and Gift Show
  •  (Your Name) Biz@Home Conference and Expo© – Education, networking, products and services for home based businesses and organizations.

An Event Prospectus is available that describes each of the prepackaged events in detail,  and which serves as a baseline design.  Each packaged event’s design may be modified to meet specific requirements and objectives.