The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting©

The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting© at Tradeshows, Conferences and Community Events:

  • If your target audience is attending and you don’t have a presence, you are not a choice – for attendees and participants.  If you’re not exhibiting and your competitor is, guess whose customers and prospects your competitor is talking to.  If you are exhibiting and your competitor is not, guess whose customers and prospects you are talking to.
  • You will make an impression – good or bad is your choice.
  • Planning improves your chances of succeeding. Failure to plan diminishes your chances of succeeding.
  • The exhibit is a tool, engagement is a strategy, influencing behavior is the objective.
  • What the exhibit viewer sees, and perceives, is  reality.
  • The Exhibit staff is the most important element of any exhibit.  In seconds,  the actions, or in-actions,  of a staff member can render worthless an exhibit and related materials that took hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to create.

NOT TO WORRY – the exhibitor support services, workshops and in-house staff training  offered by High Impact Event Resources addresses these truths and other realities, as well the scores of factors and tasks associated with exhibiting at tradeshows, conferences and community events.  For more information, select the  Exhibitor Services menu choice or contact Gary Buterbaugh.

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